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Update - Anderson/Stolt "Invention of Knowledge" Review (July 2016)  

To progressive rock fans, the collaboration of Jon Anderson and Roine Stolt is a coming together of kindred musical spirits. It's no surprise therefore that "Invention of Knowledge" is the most ambitious album that Jon Anderson has been involved with post-Yes to date. It features four epic inter-related pieces built around the lyrical idea of the knowledge of life and it richly rewards repeated listening. Roine Stolt of course is best known for his outstanding work with The Flower Kings and Transatlantic. His extensive multi-talented contribution here is most impressive, ranging from production and composition through to superb guitar and other instrumentation. He also co-ordinated the array of excellent supporting talent including the likes of Tom Brislin (Yessymphonic) and Jonas Reingold (Flower Kings).

What becomes clear is that Jon Anderson's celestial voice and enormous creativity remain undimmed. Indeed the breathtaking musical peaks on "Invention of Knowledge" (such as part 3 of the title track) are arguably comparable with some of those in the best Yes music. While the Yes and Flower Kings influences are obvious, this album has a unique character of its own. Yet the hallmarks of classic Yes music are given full expression here through the grand sense of musical adventure, extraordinary musical detail and an all-embracing atmosphere of light and positivity. We can only hope for more music of this high calibre from Anderson/Stolt. Highly Recommended.