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YES Update: Chris Squire & The Road Beyond (July 2015)  

Yes very sadly announced that Chris Squire passed away on 27 June 2015. It was revealed earlier that he had been diagnosed with an acute rare form of leukaemia. The news hit many Yes fans hard, realising they'd not only lost a truly great musician but also that Yes could never be the same again. Chris Squire R.I.P. - Yes Musical Giant of the Bass Guitar.

Amongst the legion of tributes from fans and musicians alike, a journalist requested my input for a story published on 3 July 2015 that was headlined "And You and I - Chris Squire Remembered". It can be viewed by copying and pasting the following link to your browser:

So now what of the road beyond for Yes? With only Steve Howe and Alan White remaining from the classic Yes lineup, the previously unthinkable has become reality with the band set to continue on without co-founders Jon Anderson and Chris Squire as well as Rick Wakeman. It had already been revealed that Billy Sherwood would take the place of Chris to cover the existing commitments of Yes in 2015/16 but with the number of replacement musicians mounting, it remains to be seen how well the band will fare. It seems certain that the spotlight will be on the formidable talent of Steve Howe more than ever. Not surprisingly, a number of fans have called for a reunion of the surviving classic Yes lineup members in Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman & Alan White but whether the bridges could be sufficiently mended is an unknown. Yes will tour America with Toto in August/September 2015 and then appear on Cruise to the Edge 3 in November 2015. A European tour is planned for 2016. The current Yes lineup is Steve Howe, Alan White, Geoff Downes, Jon Davison & Billy Sherwood.