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YES Update: "Progeny - Seven Shows From Seventy-Two" Review (May 2015)  

"Progeny - Seven Shows From Seventy-Two" is a 14CD box set released in May 2015 comprising seven complete shows by the classic Yes lineup of Jon Anderson, Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Rick Wakeman & Alan White from 1972. A 2CD highlights package is also available.

The shows were derived from newly re-discovered multi-track tapes that were recorded during the 'Close to the Edge' tour, the original source tapes for several tracks on the "Yessongs" live album. The tapes were comprehensively restored and remixed, notably correcting the muddy sound that plagued parts of "Yessongs" due to misaligned Dolby recording heads. From a sound perspective, the "Progeny" mixes reveal more detail although the overall balance still seems more polished on "Yessongs".

The real reason to buy "Progeny" is to marvel at the explosive energy and astonishing precision of a youthful classic Yes lineup operating on the cutting edge of the most advanced musical technology of the day. While the setlists are identical for each show (featuring the "Close to the Edge " album along with selections from "Fragile" and "The Yes Album"), Yes enthusiasts are sure to be fascinated by the nuances and different improvisations in the various performances. The show from Nassau Coliseum is representative of what this release is about with utterly peerless playing, a couple of technical glitches with misbehaving microphones and a stellar extended introduction to 'Yours Is No Disgrace' that alone virtually makes the purchase worthwhile. These early Yes shows are truly something to be behold and celebrate, although let's not forget too that some of the most classic and sonorous performances of this music came from much later concerts by the very same Yes lineup.