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YES Update - Photos: YES in Sydney, Australia 2014  

YES at the State Theatre in Sydney, Australia on 16 November 2014. Click on the thumbnail photographs below to enlarge the images. All photographs are by Alan Farley.

Date Caption  
16-Nov-2014 Yes at State Theatre, Sydney 15 & 16 Nov 2014
16-Nov-2014 Yes: 'I've Seen All Good People'
16-Nov-2014 Steve Howe: 'Siberian Khatru'
16-Nov-2014 Steve Howe & Geoff Downes: 'Long Distance Runaround'
16-Nov-2014 Steve Howe: 'Mood for a Day'
16-Nov-2014 Chris Squire & Alan White: 'The Fish'
16-Nov-2014 Alan White: 'Owner of a Lonely Heart'
16-Nov-2014 Jon Davison & Alan White: 'Siberian Khatru'
16-Nov-2014 Jon Davison: 'Long Distance Runaround'
16-Nov-2014 Yes 2014: (l to r) Howe, Downes, Davison, White, Squire
16-Nov-2014 Chris Squire