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Update - Jon Anderson in Australia 2013 Review  

Jon Anderson's first solo tour of Australia in March/April 2013 coincidentally marked the 40th anniversary of the first Yes tour 'Down Under' in 1973. The main event for Jon was the now famous Byron Bay Bluesfest and I caught two of his other shows in Newcastle and Sydney. The Lizotte's club at Lambton in suburban Newcastle was at first glance a surprising venue choice with a capacity of only 150 but it proved to be the coolest opportunity imaginable to see Jon at close quarters, almost as though he was there in your own living room. In inner southern Sydney, the mood was more raucous at the compact Factory Theatre in Marrickville that was filled to near capacity with 450 fans of Jon and Yes.

Both audiences were treated to an extensive well balanced set of Jon's most popular music with a few surprises thrown in, ranging from "I'll Find My Way Home" through "Flight Of The Moorglade" to "Heart Of The Sunrise". And both shows captured the magic with Jon's soaring voice sounding particularly strong in Sydney, possibly emphasised by the larger PA system. There was no artifice whatsoever in the performances or elaborate stagecraft. It was all down to Jon's golden voice, magical melodies, acoustic guitar (with occasional keyboard) and a kaleidoscope of words, tied together with the engaging stories of a lifetime in music that brought a smile to the face. It was easy to imagine the songs sounding like this when they were first written, distilled back into their original acoustic essence. It was impossible to listen without being emphatically reminded that Jon Anderson has created and performed so much of the best and most inspirational music we're ever likely to hear.

So it's an incongruous thought that there was a Yes lineup touring America while Jon Anderson toured Australia. Jon has always been at the heart of what Yes is about and when he isn't there, something central and fundamental is missing. It isn't a criticism of those currently in the band but rather a testimony to all that Jon Anderson has brought to Yes