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YES Update - January 2012 to December 2012  

In January 2012 vocalist Benoit David departed Yes after suffering acute ongoing respiratory problems that originally surfaced during the band's European tour in late 2011. It was a decidedly ironic situation given that Jon Anderson's earlier similar illness directly led to Yes working with David in the first place.

It was confirmed in February 2012 that Jon Davison, best known for his work with Glass Hammer and Yes tribute band Roundabout, would take over as lead vocalist for the April 2012 tour of the Pacific Rim. Some Yes fans were understandably very circumspect about yet another attempt to replace Jon Anderson who for his part quickly refuted any suggestion that he had been approached to re-join the band. Audiences in Australia were amongst the first to see the new Yes lineup of Squire/Howe/White/Downes/Davison in action and a separate review is posted on this website of the show at the State Theatre, Sydney on 13 April 2012 along with photographs of the event.

The new Yes lineup demonstrated during the Australian tour that it is capable of powerful performances. Jon Davison sings very much in the style of Jon Anderson and projects a somewhat similar image. The band remains a viable entity and toured America in mid 2012, supported by Procol Harum, with several positive fan reviews. But let's candidly put things in perspective. The reported audience numbers were considerably less than the last tour by the classic Yes lineup in 2004. Furthermore, a promising new sound-alike vocalist isn't equivalent to the profound presence of Jon Anderson and the band is unlikely to ever have another keyboardist with the flair of Rick Wakeman. Nevertheless, Yes continues on with different DNA and still has formidable talent within the ranks. Chris Squire expressed enthusiasm to record another new Yes album in 2013 although Steve Howe questioned the merits and viability of it at this late stage in the band's career. Meanwhile, Jon Anderson confirmed a solo tour of Australia in March/April 2013 as part of Bluesfest