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YES Update - August 2009 to December 2010  

It is pleasing to report that the next generation of music fans has begun to discover Yes music. In September 2009 "The Extraordinary World Of YES" was adopted as the class textbook for 52 teenage students undertaking a new elective course about Yes at Hopewell Valley High School in New Jersey, USA. Known as "Progressive Rock: The Music of Yes and Friends", the course was created by long time Yes fan Peter Griffin who holds a Master of Music degree and has a distinguished background in music education. So impressed were Yes that Steve Howe, Oliver Wakeman and Benoit David invited the class to a soundcheck at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, NJ and then at the show that night the band dedicated "And You And I" to Hopewell Valley High.

The blockbuster 3D movie "Avatar" released in late 2009 stunningly brought to life the kind of world created by the music of Yes and the art of Roger Dean. A major talking point for Yes fans was that "Avatar" contained many scenes vividly resembling iconic Roger Dean images such as the arches on the Yes "Keys To Ascension" album cover and they were all uncredited. Only the Yes music itself was missing!

The Yes lineup of Squire/Howe/White/O.Wakeman/David continued to tour and commenced recording a new album in late 2010 with producer Trevor Horn for release in 2011. Rick Wakeman and Jon Anderson expressed their disappointment with the direction taken by Yes and in 2010 set about touring and recording together while also revealing future plans to work with Trevor Rabin. Not surprisingly, the continuing split in the classic Yes lineup is seen by many fans as a far from ideal situation. Where it leads remains to be seen but at least the main creators of classic Yes music are still making music in some form, whether together or not.