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Update - The Future Times of YES  

The essence of the Yes story is that Yes music has stood the test of time and the band has survived for more than 40 years, creating a catalog of unique, extraordinary music and giving countless brilliant concerts. The two-stranded golden thread running through the work of Yes has been exquisitely crafted from the pursuit of musical adventure and the communication of a positive message, entertaining large numbers of people around the world and raising their spirits.

Followers and fans of Yes music have had a great deal to enjoy and celebrate. Most Yes fans naturally always hope that there will be at least one more tour and one more album, especially from the famous classic Yes lineup of Anderson, Howe, Squire, Wakeman and White. However, what will become of Yes in Future Times when the core of the classic lineup finally withdraws from the spotlight?

Will Yes simply cease to exist or will it continue with replacement musicians as a quasi-tribute band that is very likely to be a pale imitation of the original? How might the legacy of Yes as a live act best be perpetuated? A major problem today is that the music industry generally supports fashion driven acts rather than true creativity, resulting in rank mediocrity. A different and more creative outlook is needed.

Imagine a visionary record company or a wealthy benefactor taking Yes with its extraordinary catalog of music and injecting the financial support to establish a new creative entity dedicated to the performance of Yes music and Yes-related music for years to come. The former members of Yes could become artistic directors to a company of young, hand picked, exceptionally talented instrumentalists and vocalists to form a multi-member Yes rock orchestra, a veritable Yes academy to give new life to the music and to create new Yes-style music. It could be developed as a high energy rock music and theatrical spectacular with elaborate staging in the style of Roger Dean, perhaps known as Yes_21 for a new age of Yes live performances in the 21st century.