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YES Update - June 2008 to July 2009  

In the wake of Jon Anderson's ongoing health problems and the 40th anniversary tour cancellation, the remainder of Yes controversially decided to press ahead with new tour plans. They found a replacement vocalist via the internet in 42-year-old Canadian singer Benoit David who had worked with the Yes tribute act Close To The Edge and the progressive band Mystery.

The reaction of the fans to the lineup change bore a striking similarity to that in 1980 with the "Drama" era lineup of Yes. Many fans were appalled that Yes would proceed without Jon Anderson while some were excited about the new possibilities. However, any criticism was mitigated to some degree by statements from the band that Benoit David was effectively taking an understudy role and that Jon Anderson was irreplaceable within Yes and would be welcomed back when his health improved.

Yes consisting of Chris Squire, Steve Howe, Alan White, Oliver Wakeman (keyboards) and Benoit David (vocals) hit the road in America for the In The Present tour in November/December 2008. Many of the reviews were positive and it was a testimony to the underlying strength of Yes music and the talent of the surviving members of the classic Yes lineup. However, a second leg of touring starting in January 2009 was cancelled after only one show when Chris Squire had a medical emergency and required urgent leg surgery. It demonstrated again that even the best and most reliable of bands are not immune from health problems and that life on the road can be very demanding.

Undaunted by the setbacks, Yes commenced a 25 date tour of America in June 2009 with Asia as support. Rick Wakeman reiterated a desire to do "something special" in the future with the classic Yes lineup and in May 2009 gave a spectacular performance of "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" at Hampton Court Palace in England. Jon Anderson thankfully returned to the stage in June 2009 with a small number of solo shows and brought a smile to the faces of Yes fans with a statement of his hope to return to Yes in 2010.