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About The Author - Alan Farley  

"The Extraordinary World Of Yes" evolved out of my extensive research and writing for "Yesology", an innovative internet-based project about Yes designed to highlight the excellence of Yes music. It succeeded in gaining Yes some additional exposure on U.S. television and radio, as well as receiving mention in publications such as Classic Rock magazine and at websites such as and the official Yes internet site YesWorld.

I live in Australia and have been a Yes music enthusiast since hearing "Your Move" in 1971 when I was fifteen years old. My formal education in music began at the age of eight and from the start it gave me an appreciation of what it was like to be part of a group of people in a musical environment, regularly performing in public with the school band. I swapped participation in music for a career in professional soccer from the age of fourteen while continuing to study at school and then university. It coincided with the start of a life-long interest in creative rock music although one thing I never anticipated was the important role that a rock band could play in my life, but then Yes is no ordinary group. In fact Yes music directly provided the spark of inspiration I needed at school in literature and poetry to deliver the marks required to enter my chosen field of Town Planning at university. It led to a long career as a senior executive with one of Australia's leading companies in property development and management.

Yes music for me has always been exciting, entertaining and beautifully artistic while having something relevant and uplifting to say about human existence. My desire to attend Yes concerts has taken me on several trips half way around the world and I've met incredible people and travelled to fabulous places. I've discovered over time that many other people have similarly been positively affected by Yes music and it has become the soundtrack to the lives of a generation of music fans.

- Alan Farley -

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2004 I'm pictured here in July 2004 while still working on "The Extraordinary World Of YES
1977 Australian National League soccer match between my club Hakoah (Sydney City) and Adelaide City at the Sydney Sports Ground. I'm the goalkeeper on the left of the photo. We won 6-1 that day and Hakoah (Sydney City) won the championship that year.
1977 The Hakoah (Sydney City) soccer team that went on to win the Australian National League championship in 1977. I'm in the back row, third from the left.